CSS for label element conflicting with a database column also called "label"

I have a column in my database which is called label. When I try to display this on the Edit page, I get a conflict with the CSS for the label class. Here is the Go code:

	formList.AddField("Label Name", "label", db.Varchar, form.Text)

And this generates the following HTML:

   <input type="text" name="label" value="Google" class="form-control label" placeholder="input Label Name">

The rule for class label makes it hidden when the content is empty, which is clashing with our element here. Here is the CSS rule:

   .label:empty {
      display: none;

Is there a way to change the CSS for one single input element, or define a different class for it?

The solution I found:

Add a JS call to remove the class from the element.