GoAdmin v1.2.8 released

GoAdmin v1.2.8 is now released.

Major updates: Add real-time config center / Add JSON APIs

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go get github.com/GoAdminGroup/go-admin@v1.2.8
go get github.com/GoAdminGroup/themes@v0.0.30

Add a new database table, use migration SQL:


BUG Fixes

  • Form delete hook API error
  • Permission check error [ Seriously ]
  • HTMLFile/HTMLFiles APIs of engine
  • Table export error
  • Asset response content-type error
  • Form selection ajax load data error


  • Add post/delete result to hook APIs
  • Add permission check to table custom buttons
  • Add missing translate
  • Add footer theme info
  • Support copy info fields to detail
  • Add a real-time config center
  • Add FieldFilterOptionsFromTable API
  • Add new form component – code
  • Add schema support to Postgres
  • Add theme version check
  • Add global site offline flag check
  • Add admin JSON APIs
  • Improve language module
  • Add new action File Upload Action
  • Improve link, support no-pjax jump
  • Add new API SetFilterFormInputWidth/SetFilterFormInputWidth
  • Add database check
  • Add notify when login overdue
  • Add BasePlugin make the plugin easier to implement
  • Change panel title/description type to template.HTML