How to change access per user role?

Hello! I just installed Go Admin and I am trying to start working on some small tasks, but I don’t really understand how to change the code.

I installed all the code using the instructions in and This is the code structure in the project folder, the one that is called new_project in the example:

I want to start with two basic tasks:

  • Change access to logs page (/admin/info/op) so only the user with role “admin” can see the page
  • Add a new page to the admin panel, with a link under the Logs page

Could you help me figure out how to start with this? What files should I change? Any specific documentation I can read about this?

Thank you very much!

This is what I’m trying to do:

The first and second are how to create a new page with the following two code images

The third arrow is the page permission Settings

@Skeeter Thank you very much, that was helpful!

I will also look at the code of the demo page

Thanks a lot!