How to customize authentication?

How to authenticate users, via Active Directory (AD Samba), or via Freeradius or via a customizable script?

@ismael.m.desousa In the latest version of GoAdmin, you can customize authentication using the API engine.AddAuthService. For example:

import (

func main() {
        r := gin.Default()
        eng := engine.Default()

        if err := eng.AddConfig(config.Config{...}); err != nil {

        // customize authentication frontend interface
        // customize authentication backend API
        eng.AddAuthService(func(ctx *context.Context) (model models.UserModel, exist bool, msg string){
                 // ctx.Request is a golang http.Request object, so you can use that to get the parameters from frontend.
                // And then return back a authentication user model, exist means success or not.
        go func() {
              _ = r.Run(":9033")

So the next question is how to customize login interface, here you can see the example codes.

Much simpler than I thought. Thank you very much @cg33