Where() condition on InfoPanel is not working


I am trying to filter the information displayed on one of my pages, so I’m using:

info := usersTable.GetInfo().Where(...)

In this Users table I want to display the email from another table, so I do a JOIN with FieldJoin:

	info.AddField(lang.Translate("primary_email"), "address", db.Varchar).
			Table:     "emails",
			Field:     "id",
			JoinField: "user_id",

I want to limit these emails, so I want to add a condition on column is_secondary of emails table. Here is the code:

	info := usersTable.GetInfo().
		Where("users.tenant_id", "=", tenantID).
		Where("emails.is_secondary", "=", false)

is_secondary is stored in the Database as a Boolean. I don’t know why, but this causes an error in the SQL generated by Go Admin. Specifically, this code Where("emails.is_secondary", "=", "false") seems to be breaking the SQL generator, because I get:

select \"users\".\"employment_status_id\", ... where users.\"tenant_id\" = $1 and GROUP BY \"users\".\"id\" order by ...

As you can see, there is an empty and before GROUP, that breaks the query.

None of these work:

		Where("emails.is_secondary", "=", "'false'")
		Where("emails.is_secondary", "=", "false")
		Where("emails.is_secondary", "=", `"false"`)
		Where("emails.is_secondary", "=", false)

this is what I ended up using:

		WhereRaw(`emails.is_secondary = 'false'`)

But this method has to be applied to the entire info object, it affects all the rows, so those people where is_secondary=true, that I want to show, will not appear in the page

Any idea why those Where() methods were not working?